…i finished #7 at 11:13 p.m. last night. now what will i do? i’ve decided to go back and start at the beginning, #1.

basically, since i last wrote, i’ve been trying to find any spare minute to read HP. last night i decided that i HAD TO FINISH IT. so i did.

i just won’t say anything at all about it. i don’t want to ruin it for you.

the other night on the way to rehearsal i was talking to kevin on the phone and i mentioned the name of one of the characters who got killed to him and i was i Bev’s car at the time and she said NOW YOU’VE RUINED IT FOR ME.

i had no idea she was reading it. i felt HORRIBLE. so now, my lips are sealed.

kevin finished it the other night. a few nights ago. i haven’t wanted to ask him anything about it, but last night it was driving me crazy, this one point in the book, and i called and asked him about it and he TOTALLY GAVE SOMETHING AWAY.

but it ended up not being such a big deal. especially because i went home and finished it.

i saw at least three people reading it at rehearsal the other night.

surely there’s been another book that everybody seems to be reading at the same time? i don’t know what that might be. probably plenty of them.

christine would know. christine reads plenty of books.

i used to read lots of books.

now it’s just the one. well, the series, anyway.

bev and karen and michael and i all ride together to rehearsals. it’s fun, except sometime slightly frightening when we’re driving home at night out in the country in the dark and there are DEER EVERYWHERE. lounging at the side of the road, riding bicycles as well as unicycles along the sidewalk.

i actually haven’t seen any deer at all. but somebody drives and somebody else WATCHES OUT FOR THE DEER. except the other night somebody said, “oh, there’s one back there.”

BACK THERE! WHAT GOOD IS “BACK THERE” GOING TO DO?” the deer was long gone; if it had decided to jump right into our car, it would be there already. you’re supposed to see it BEFORE IT REACHES THE CAR.

luckily i wasn’t driving.

one time i was driving home late at night from champaign illinois with randy and we got closer to home and he started telling me all these back roads to take, and i had no idea where we were, and it was very very dark and also i think snowy, and he kept saying it was a short cut. but he also said THERE ARE LOTS OF DEER OUT HERE. and then he proceeded to start HONKING THE HORN. AS I WAS DRIVING.

that was a little unnerving. but once again, we spotted no deer. this time, of course, it’s because they were all highly annoyed that somebody was driving down the road honking at them.

the other night i suggested that before rehearsal we stop by the dairy queen. see, there’s NO MORE DAIRY QUEENS in springfield. horrible. but there is one in petersbug, and we’re rehearsing right up the road at new salem, and i always want a dilly bar.

everybody thought this was a good idea, because i truly think there must be something wrong with you if you don’t like ice cream. i mean, not that you’re a horrible person or anything. probably. but i don’t know…

they decided to go last night before rehearsal.



they allege we’re going to go back to dairy queen on monday. WE BETTER.

actually, i think it’s my turn to drive monday night. which means we’ll go for sure.

mollie got two walks this evening, which made her happy. also, today i gave her a stale marshmallow because she likes them because they’re food…although she actually likes many things that aren’t food. but she really likes food-like things, and a stale marshmallow is pretty chewy.

i went to dinner and when i got home the bag of stale marshmallows was lying on the bedroom floor. there didn’t appear to be any missing, except one was lying on the floor.

she must have decided they were too much effort, all the chewing. but she was quite excited to have stolen them from the kitchen cupboard and carried them off into the bedroom. her tropy.

at least it wasn’t a live animal.

she has done this before, with dog treats, but the treats are almost always all gone. does that mean that dog treats taste better than marshmallows? stale marshmallows, anyway?

i guess i really don’t want to find out.

yesterday i set the car alarm off about three times. one time i was in a building and it went off.

clearly it’s some kind of karmic disarray sort of thing.

ok ok ok,