any exertion at all in this heat makes everybody exhausted.  we’ve been lolling around all week, except when we were doing stuff, but not too much outside stuff cause it’s way too hot for that.

here’s les paul and kevin wednesday afternoon, les with his little beanie baby dog. kevin rarely naps, but he put in a new doggie door and had to be outside to install it.  it’s very cool; i can’t remember exactly how it works, except that a little magnet i think on mollie’s collar make the door open.  this will keep the kitties in, but mollie can go in and out, except when the battery in the door dies, but kevin says that a red light will flash when that happens.  so far it works great.

les loves my tennis shoe; he played with the shoestring a lot, and then he pushed the shoe all around the room.

since this is a shoe i actually wear, i gave him an older shoe that i don’t wear so much.  i think he’s just as happy with that one.

even though everybody is hot and tired and trying to stay cool indoors, winnie continues to spend as much time as possible outside.  it can’t just be because he is extremely annoyed by the new kitty which is making his life hell; i think he just likes the hot weather.  you’d think that since he needs to go on a diet, plus he has that heavy fur coat, he’d want to stay in.  but no.

this is one of my favorite photos.  i caught him mid-yawn, but he could easily just have been ROARING.

ok then,

mrs. thursday night hughes.