i’d like to be just resting now. i’m going to go to sleep before 10, maybe in the next few moments, maybe i’ll just fall asleep right here as i tyzzzzzzzz……

we’re having a GRAND OPENING OPEN HOUSE at the place where i do massage. it’s on friday, even though we actually moved in in february. it should really be called our BEEN HERE FIVE MONTHS NOW OPEN HOUSE WITH REFRESHMENTS INCLUDED, but i’m not going to mention this. the office consists of me and another massage therapist and a couple of therapist-type therapists and a napropath which is like a chiropractor but with no bone CRACKing, plus we loosely affiliated with the yoga place.

we’ve waited this long to have the open house because everybody was very busy, mostly travelling to faraway places like china and jamaica. i believe i’m the only one who’s been camping lately, but maybe others have been doing it too, secretly.

anyway, so last night i stayed up till 12:30, formatting some postcard invitations i’m going to send out, and i was very tired, and then this morning i got up before seven and SWAMBIKEDRAN. and at some point during the day i realized i got less than seven hours of sleep, hence the severe tiredness all day long.

yesterday i swam and biked, and the biking was great. i highly, highly recomment mountain-biking as a way to get stronger when biking. i felt like i was going much faster yesterday than i ever have (i don’t know the actual speed, because i don’t have a speedometer. yet.)

today the swim bike run went pretty well, actually. i did all three at least as far as the distances in the actual triathlon which is on SATURDAY, and i felt good when i was done. the only other time i attempted running right after biking, i thought my legs were going to fall off. this time, though, they felt ok. i wasn’t exactly sprinting, but no pain.

afterwards i was walking around and i met up with a couple of women who had just been swimming in the lake, practicing for the tri. they said it took them 11 minutes to swim the 500 yards. i’m pretty sure it’s going to take me 14 minutes. and then they said that yesterday they did their own practice tri, and it took them under an hour and a half, and they felt good about that.

my own practice tri took one hour and FORTY SEVEN minutes. this included time between events when i was frantically trying to tie my shoes, but they said this was going to be their first triathlon. i felt a little let down, realizing that i’m so very slow. even though i already KNOW i’m slow. even though i keep telling myself that it DOESN’T MATTER IF I FINISH LAST.

because even though i do think this, on the other hand, i don’t want to finish last. i don’t want all the really really old people who are missing limbs/blind/very sick to pass me by. it’s this little competitive part of me that has been fairly dormant for, well, most of my living life. but deep down inside of me this litle squeaky voice (very similiar to my actual squeaky voice) is saying “i want to go fast!” the other night i actually dreamed that i was swimming a race, and somebody was doing some weird stroke whereby they were just skimming over the top of the water, going super fast, and i started doing that, too. i never, EVER have dreams like that.

I told B. (Brad) about my very slow time during the practice, and he said reasurring things like “you did fine,” and “it doesn’t matter how other people do.” of course, he SAYS stuff like this, but i know he’s going to be going FULL OUT and expecting to BEAT the old crippled people in wheelchairs.

anyway, now i’m ready to collapse from the fatigue. after working out this morning, i went on a garden walk with my parents and my brother david, and we saw many lovely lake homes with spectacular gardens. except it did involve some walking, and by the end i decided that my legs might possibly fall off after all.

the rest of the day was spent doing many things, rushing about, and taking a walk with B. and Mollie the dog. here’s something funny about mollie – when we just went camping, she spent almost the entire time running around like a crazy dog. she boinked around in the tall grasses, she chased deer (thinking they were giant bunnies, no doubt, and i know i already wrote this, but i just think it’s so darn funny), she just kept running all the time even though she’d have to flop down on the ground every once in a while, actually red in the face, which is difficult for a dog to achieve. she was way overheated, but she didn’t care and didn’t want to stop exploring. mollie action dog.

but when we went on a short walk today, she started getting hot. on the way back, she kept heading for the shade, and then she’d just lie there, panting and looking at us like we were torturing her. because she wasn’t free to run and chase animals, because she was forced to walk on a leash, the heat was suddenly unbearable for her. i thought we were going to have to carry her at one point, but she somehow managed to make it home without actually fainting.

i guess you could make a parallel to the way we live our lives. slogging along, trying to make it through the day…but when we have some freedom we can go crazy with busy-ness, and don’t get tired out because we’re enjoying ourselves.

yet another reason to camp all the time.

i don’t know about camping in the winter, though. it seems it would mostly just be cold. not that anybody’s invited me. not that i’m going to even THINK about winter right now.

now, i’m going to be just resting.

i hope you make it through monday.

ok then,

grace ready for the week ahead, at least as much as a person can be, but you just never know how it’ll go until you’re in the thick of it.