after having one excitingly treacherous ice storm already this winter, we’re all preparing for another one.  it might start early this evening, maybe later tonight, maybe tomorrow, or sunday…or maybe i’ll all just pass us by and dump the freezing rain on some other unfortunate spot.

meanwhile…a few random photos from the first week of this new and shiny year.

i love it when the lowering sun lights up the other side of the lake.  lester never cares about that, but was thrilled to munch on some tall grasses.

amy has been very industrious, fashioning new dog coats for her puppies.  they’re all accented with different, fun patterns.  here’s izzy, who was very patient about the many, many fittings she had to put up with.

amy has taken some breaks to take mom to the fit club, because she’s trying to get her to move more.

i’m pretty sure this is laz and sadie in their new coats, but on the other hand, the dog on the right is more likely…zurie?  and on second thought, the dog on the left looks more like mincy.  it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes, especially when they’re sporting their new outfits.  since this photo was taken, amy has also started making them pajamas, super cute and color-coordinated.  i’ll have to post some photos of them soon.  it told her she needs to start making them and charging big bucks, but she said that she’d only make about a penny an hour because of the amount of time she spends on creating each one.

the birds…this morning i went out and filled the bird feeder, and it’s mighty brisk out thee when you’re just wearing your jammies.  the other day, this woodpecker was enjoying himself thoroughly.


we get a lot of birds and i feel guilty if i look out and see that the feeder’s empty.  kevin  usually does a smashing job of keeping it well-stocked.  we’re getting a little low on bird food now, so maybe he’ll re-supply our supply before the ice hits.

i like the variety of birds here – the one at the feeder, the heron swooping in the background, and the geese in the yard.  those geese are very persistent; they keep knocking over the bird bath filled with food in the yard.

this bird looks like it’s looking right at me.

and now i wish i’d taken some photos of the sparkly ice storm we had earlier, because when the sun hits the ice it’s quite pretty.  maybe this time.

maybe it’ll pass us by.

ok then,

mrs. almost the middle of january 2017 are you KIDDING me hughes.