but i really wanted to post a couple of photos with it, and for some reason, all day long, i haven’t been able to upload any photos here.  so i’m going to wait till tomorrow, and maybe the problem will have resolved itself.  i hate this wordpress site for hosting my site just a little bit, i have to say.

anyway, i was just reading about obama’s xmas vacation in hawaii, which does make our lovely xmas seem slightly pale in comparison.  but then again, we don’t have to start running the country after the holidays, so i don’t envy the obamas their island paradise escape.

here is a link to the place they’re staying.  i just watched the video about the place, and it truly is beautiful.

Paradise Pointe Estates, Oahu

the thing is, i’m pretty sure this is fairly close to the b&b we stayed on our honeymoon.  i remember driving past house after fancy house, or at least fancy walls with really fancy gates; you couldn’t even seem most of the houses.

i’d post a photo here of the beach in kailua, a photo that i have hanging and i really love and look at a lot, but like i said I CAN’T POST ANY PHOTOS RIGHT NOW.

let’s just say i had a great xmas and everything today is peaceful and CRAZY WARM – it’s 57 now and going to get up to 62 by morning, but we’re supposed to have thunderstorms all day long tomorrow.  our long driveway has been a literal skating rink til today, so i’m glad the ice finally melted.  now will be the flood…

tonight we went out and it reminded me of what spring feels like.  I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SPRING.

not that right now is bad at all.

ok, more tomorrow theoretically, except i have to do some catering for a party tomorrow night, so i’m going to be kind of really really busy.  but maybe it won’t be so bad and i’ll have a little free time.

ok then,

merry merry day after christmas,

holiday grace.