1. christine CARES NOTHING about brooks & dunn. she just knows who they are (doesn’t everybody?). now, a few lifetimes ago i know she liked country music and listened to it, but maybe not B&D. maybe she doesn’t listen to it anymore, i don’t know.

2. the bat was a LOUISVILLE SLUGGER that carrie underwood used to smash the headlights on her cheating boyfriend’s pickup truck or whatever kind of vehicle it was (i know it was red, anyway). kevin e-mailed me this very important information last night in the middle of the night.

randy agreed with me about ronnie dunn looking overly-facelifted. he said that if ronnie didn’t have that facial hair, he’d look like an unattractive woman.

i’ve been researching things to do, places to see in NYC, even though i already have a pretty big list of place i want to go when we’re there in less than two weeks. but i found something different that sounds interesting – at birdland, the legendary jazz place, on monday nights they have something called ’jim caruso’s cast party,” and it’s basically an open mike night for anybody who wants to sing, including broadway stars who allegedly like to go there and have fun and sing.

hmm, we’ll see if that really happens, if it’s even possible to get in. the cover charge is a measly 10 bucks, and the club is only a few blocks from our hotel.

one thing is, would we recognize broadway stars if they were singing? because i bet that most people who sing there are going to sound phenomenal, stars or not. it’s like when i lived in west hollywood, and christine and i would walk down the street to the gay bar where they had an open mike and person after person got up and sang incredibly well, and these weren’t stars, they were just performers or wanna-be performers or people who just sang well.

one time at that bar a guy was fascinated in talking to christine and me, and wanted to invite us to one of his homes in palm springs or bel air or at least one other place; they were all listed on his card, which he only gave us after we told him we were a gay couple. we weren’t really a gay couple, of course, but we thought it was funny that he only wanted to be friends with us if we were. heterosexual discrimination.

here’s a photo from our third day in hawaii. FINALLY on to the third day, this is the day we flew from oahu to kauai. before we left we stopped at Kailua Beach, right up the road from our B&B.

kailua beach

on the beach was a japanese couple getting wedding photos taken. they had come to the beach in a huge stretch limo. lots and lots of japanese tourists come to hawaii because it’s close by.

wedding couple

i wore this lei that i’d gotten the night before on the plane because it’s festive and because i didn’t want to pack it.


a guy with a dog was on the beach, and he kept throwing a ball out to sea and the dog kept bounding into the water after it. it made us miss mollie, the best dog ever who is waiting patiently for me to take her running.


actually, the only reason she’s being so patient is because i haven’t mentioned the word running to her, which will cause her to go berserk and try to jump up my leg. no matter how quietly i get her lead and harness out of the laundry room, she’ll hear me and will come running. i’m going to do that now because it’s beautiful and sunny and could be hawaii except for the lack of palm trees and ocean and it’s not 85 degrees outside, but it is in teh 60’s at least.

ok then,

grace looking on the bright side of life this morning.