that’s my favorite thing that i read from today re: the impeachment of our governor.  a whole bunch of people were doing a running commentary on the proceedings, and i’m not sure exactly who said this pithy remark; i think it was the head of the HFS, which is the department of Health and Family Services.

for a little while i also watched the proceedings myself; there was a live feed on  it was quite fascinating.  rep. lou lang of chicago was grilling this woman named Tami about the governor’s ignoring the JCAR regarding starting a new healthcare plan.  tami kept trying to go off on tangents and lang kept stopping her and trying to get her to answer succinctly and honestly.

i couldn’t spend the whole day watching, though.  and now they’re takig a break tomorrow and will only work next monday and tuesday.  i’m thinking about going down there and watching for myself.  i especially want to watch this piece of work genson, blago’s lawyer.  there has been some confusiong about how to pronounce his name; i thought it was a hard “g,” jim thought it was a soft one, and i read online today that the man himself claims that he pronounces it either way.

whatever; if you get a chance to see a photo of this guy, he looks like a caricature, or a character out of dickens.

oh, and now i keep reading that he’s STAYING IN THE GOVERNOR’S MANSION!  i feel that we need to get up a protest about this immediately.  but i assume he’s not staying there tonight, but instead is going back up to chicago. has been getting many many hits on his site; i assume that this is because my many readers are flocking there!

ok then,


p.s. do you remember that christmas is in ONE WEEK FROM TODAY?  i keep forgetting, even though we have a perfect and dazzling christmas tree which is right in front of me.

freezing rain right now.  DON’T GO OUTSIDE!!!!