it’s a RED-LETTER DAY around here!  i’m still in my jammies, but yet i’ve actually managed to GET SOMETHING DONE.

actually, i created this banner when i got a new version of photoshop, but then i didn’t know how to insert it into the site, and christine e-mailed me some directions and this morning i finally figured i might as well try it.

it was a little hairy there for a while; the image i created had TOO MUCH RESOLUTION, and for some reason it was also not big enough, and i fixed all of that and uploaded it but then there was NO BANNER AT ALL for a while and that made me panic quite a bit, but then i managed to upload the banner twice; for some reason it has to be in there twice, and now it’s there!

very happy.  kevin helped.

now my goal is to change that banner every month, or christine said there’s even a way to have rotating banners, so there would be a different one every time you opened the site.  but that sounds like a LOT of work, and i still want to make a video about making french bread, and another video, and i haven’t done any of that yet.

last night in the middle of the night  i really wanted to post here, but i just didn’t have the energy to turn on the monitor.  it was about three, and i was wide awake yet also with no energy.  winnie the cat was also awake, and kept walking across me, and a few times he walked across kevin, too, but i don’t think kevin even noticed.  winnie and i were both restless last night.

we’re much more tranquil today.

ok then,

sunday grace.