it’s not the heat, IT’S THE HUMIDITY. makes me want to stay inside. this is the first summer ever where i feel that i don’t like summer. TOO HUMID.

yesterday morning mollie was sniffing something on the bedroom floor – IT WAS A LIVE DOVE. honey the very bad kitty was meowing outside the door, afraid to come into the bedroom because mollie was there, but honey clearly wanted to continue to torture that bird. kevin picked it up and took it outside, and saw many many many feathers all over the kitchen floor. there must have been quite a battle, but we didn’t hear anything.

later in the afternoon honey appeared in the kitchen with a baby rabbit. kevin put this outside as well. i’m sure honey doesn’t understand why we’re not more appreciative about the bevy of animals she brought us. last night mollie was desperately trying to get out the front door, and kevin found the same baby bunny out on the front step. honey was determined for us to keep that bunny. maybe she thought we should keep it as a pet?

actually, it was so little and so cute, we thought we would like to keep it – but not when our house is so filled with bunny-killers.

just another day here at the wild kingdom.

ok then,

saturday grace.