do you have plenty of provisions?  supplies?  shovels, groceries and alcohol?  last night on the news the store owners said people were mostly stocking up on shovels, groceries and alcohol.  let the horrible winter storm begin!

here was the story on NPR:

“Potentially Historic And Destructive Winter Storm” Could Affect A Third Of The Nation: “A multi-day, multi-region potentially historic and destructive winter storm will unleash its fury beginning Monday and will last through Wednesday,” The Weather Channel warns.

“When everything is said and done,” the network adds, “the storm may very well impact a third of the population of the United States; approximately 100 million people. Its reach will be felt from the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies to the Ohio Valley to the coast of New England.”

WOW!  that’s a whole lotta people.

i have to go to a massage seminar all day today, so please, DON’T LET THE ICE START TILL I GET HOME!

but hmm, what about the poor guy giving the seminar?  he’ll have to drive back to champaign tonight.  wouldn’t be fun.  he could wait til tomorrow but then it’s gonna be EVEN WORSE.  i guess his only option is just to move into the seminar hotel til spring.

ok then,

mrs. definitely not awake yet hughes.