that’s really all i want to do. that’s why you haven’t heard from me the past few days; i’ve been busy during the day, then at night i just want to put on my big pink robe and my slippers and hibernate.

BRRRR. right now it’s about 7 outside. maybe it got up to 12.

but saturday, SATURDAY, it might be in the 40’s.

and then maybe some of the damn snow and ice will melt.

tonight we’re going to a benefit auction and dinner for illinois humane. it starts…well, it starts in 17 minutes. we won’t be the first ones to arrive, let’s just say that. it lasts from five till 10 i think, and maybe we’ll be there around 6:30ish. it sounds fun, with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails and dinner and a live and a silent auction. plus COCKTAIL attired, so i rushed out and bought a new red sweater because i’m sick of all my clothes.

kevin is sleeping right now, since he didn’t go to sleep till after 9:30 this morning, and i know he must have been up at some point during the day because the box of HAWAIIAN CHOCOLATE MACADAMIAS was opened, lying on the counter.

i ate one, and it was a little disappointing. the chocolate was very hard and a little waxy. i can’t remember where we bought that chocolate; we might have gotten it at the last minute, as we frantically shopped our way around the hawaiian islands.

hibernation. not tonight, but plenty of hibernation over the weekend. except it’s going to be warmer, and god knows poor mollie needs a long walk or two, because she’s been sleeping all day with kevin. not that she dislikes sleeping all day, but she does need to get out every once in a while.

i have to get ready to go out now.

i hope your friday goes speedily by.

ok then,

rushing grace.

p.s. were you aware that xmas is LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AWAY? it’s a little unnerving, not that i have to buy a lot of gifts. but it certainly has crept up on me. today when i was buying my sweater, the woman in line in front of me was returning something because she said she’d found something ELSE to get as a gift instead. i haven’t even bought a FIRST round of gifts, and once i finally do manage to procure some, i’m sure not gonna take anything back.