i woke up to the sound of a crash – nothing huge, nothing broke, not like the bowl i somehow managed to break last night, from smacking into a plate on the floor next to the bowl of water.

but even though the crash wasn’t so bad-sounding, i figured it must be shortie.  i got up and finally found him in the corner of the bathroom; he’d gotten caught up in the cord for the razor, and it was on the floor.  i guess he didn’t get hit by the razor, but he was stuck in the corner.  i took him outside and it was SO NICE out.  if i didn’t have to get up and go to the hospital in the morning, i’d have stayed out there for a while.

instead, i put shortie back in his bed and he fell asleep.

and i guess i might have well stayed outside, because i was just lying there in bed not sleeping and finally decided to get up.

amy spent the night with dad last night even though it is STRICLY FORBIDDEN in a semi-private room.  he didn’t have a roommate til yesterday, when they wheeled a guy in.  i was really distressed to see this guy because another person in the room certainly isn’t going to help dad’s situation.

maybe tomorrow will be a better day.  i need to GET RIGHT BACK TO SLEEP in order to be prepared for it.

amy said the sleeper chair is much better than the one in the ICU, at least, plus she luckily had the little box of wine and styrofoam cup that she’d bought for me when i stayed last week but didn’t use.

me, i’ve had wine, i’ve had an entire half a xanax, but clearly it wasn’t enough.  well, maybe i’d have stayed asleep if shortie hadn’t woken me up.

kevin has been taking really excellent care of the poor little old dog.

i must get back to sleep now.  i just found a category to choose from to call this post, called “crazy.”  i can’t remember when i created that tag, but really, it seems appropriate almost every day.

ok then.