well. i’m sitting here in jerri & brendan’s bed, computer on my lap. the sun is pouring in the window. it’s going to be 59 today, but then warmer and warmer and in the 70’s by thursday.

their place is SPECTACULAR. i took some pictures but i don’t know when i’ll get them up here. i also have some more good photos from the tornado.

but there are a couple of little snafus in this otherwise idyllic day…

first, i can’t figure out how to get to the internet. the wireless network is OPEN and RUNNING, but i just can’t get to the internet. there is some problem, but i cannot figure it out and neither can anybody else who has tried to remotely help me. so instead i’m sitting here using their phone line. but at least it’s working.

but there’s also another phone problem, which is that i left my cell phone charger at home. i don’t know how i managed this since i brought almost everything else i own with me. it must have fallen on the floor or something when i was packing packing packing. so i’m running low on phone power.

the good news is that R. (reginald) is arriving today at about 5:30 and he’ll be bringing my charger with him. also my hair dryer. today my hair will look a little unkempt and i won’t be making any frivolous phone calls.

but aside from that…things are good.

i’m going to go to the grocery store in a minute because although brendan and jerri have many many fancy dishes and cookware, there’s no actual food in the house. except for a bag of chocolate chips i found in the freezer. i didn’t eat them ALL.

yesterday i spent an hour and a half in a plane in dallas, while we waited for the winds to die down so we could take off. sometimes the plane would drive around the runway but i think the pilot was doing this just so we felt like we weren’t just sitting there with no snacks or beverages. the guy next to me was going to hawaii after touching down in la because that’s where he lives. he’s a police officer for the navy and he lived in japan, and for a while he was in cuba where he met his (current) wife. i don’t know where he met his old wife. but he was in dallas visiting his daughter and was sad to leave her because he only sees her twice a year. that’s not very much. but he’s trying to get full custody of her. she’s eight.

it’s funny how you can learn so much about a person sitting on a plane. most times i don’t talk to people, but this guy was friendly, even though he had big shoulders and they kind of encroached on my personal space. but he said he was glad that i was “tiny” because when really big people sit next to him it’s a problem, so how could i NOT love a man who describes me as tiny?

he also offered me some cashews.

i didn’t tell him my entire life story, which was a refreshing change for me.

things are good right now. more later.

ok then,

LA grace.