first, MONDAY was kevin’s birthday.  here it is WEDNESDAY and i’m just now getting around to sitting down here to write something.   the summer continues to whoosh past me and soon it will be fall and there will still be boxes lying around all over the place.

here is a photo of me and kevin from one of the nights we was being a civil war soldier at lincoln’s tomb.  this was earlier on, before every tuesday night became a TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR.

last night it was again RAINING LIKE CRAZY, and this time there was plenty of lightning and thunder.  mom and i went with kevin although i can’t exactly tell you why we went.  well, it wasn’t pouring here when we left.

next week it will be nice weather.

kevin’s birthday festivities, though, were quite festive indeed.  here’s the birthday boy at amy and jim’s party central house.

note the “50” banner up there on the right.  i told him he’s going to be 50 every year now because of all the “50” decorations i have from last year’s big bash.

here’s another one, this with randy, mom and dad in the background, as well as all those piles of lovely gifts.

kevin stayed home from work on his special day.  he made bullets.  why didn’t i think of staying home and making bullets on MY birthday?

in addition to the many LGs, kevin also got TWO birthday cakes this year.  carrot cake and a chocolate torte.  i’ve made carrot cake lots of times, but hadn’t tried the low-sugar chocolate almond torte.  it was pretty delicious, if i do say so myself.

i want to put many more photos up here but as usual I HAVE NO TIME.  i feel guilty just sitting here right now because i’m not cleaning and/or unpacking and/or organizing the piles of stuff that is closing in on me.

maybe i’ll get to it later tonight.

not to mention i have to UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF WORDPRESS.  christine assured me that i can do it myself but what if i start and it turns into some kind of nightmare?

i really really have to go do stuff now.

ok then,

rushing around wednesday grace.