it’s tuesday, right?  my days are in a constant state of confusion lately because now i’m working a couple hours every sunday morning, which makes sunday feel like monday, and then the week is confusing to me.  more so than usual.

this morning i was the first one up, and i fed the kitties but only chester and winnie were eating.

because here was lester:




he has never climbed up on the hearth, but then again, it’s never been empty.  after i de-christmased the house, i cleaned the various surfaces, but since there’s some melted candle wax on the hearth, i haven’t done that cleaning yet.

so les decided it was a perfect place to relax.

hopefully he won’t try it when the regular stuff is back up there, because i have this one beautiful old glass basket vase with a handle and i would hate for it to break.

and hey, no snow yet this year!  i’m happy about that, although i remembered that this time last year we were down in sunny florida, where it got so hot one day that we had to go to the movies to cool off!

in a minute we’re going to the movies just because we can.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday 2016 hughes.