yeah, i’m not even quite sure how that happened.  whoosh, and it’s over.  the day after christmas i got up and thought that i really wanted to take down all the decorations, but since i’d put the very final ones up on xmas morning, i decided i should hold off a little.

i went a little crazy with the outside lights because it’s been so darn warm…i even decorated the frogs!

d36 d37

christmas morning…that seems like a lot of presents for only the two of us.  but there were some presents for other people, too.


here’s a new decoration that i bought this year.  because i was getting low on decor.  i got this at the Farm, the day before their big holiday open house.  i made a pretty significant dent in their supply of stuff.


when we started unwrapping, les got pretty excited about the whole thing.


winnie was pretty happy with his new catnip squirrel.


chester was happiest nestling down in the wrapping paper.


les carefully guarded this gift while chester chased a catnip mouse around the room.


for weeks, there was a huge gift under the tree.  it was wrapped in blue paper, no bow or anything, and i kept say to kevin WHERE’S THE BOW???

i finally put a bow on it myself; even though that one huge gift didn’t get a bow, kevin felt that he had to do some extra-fancy wrapping for me.  he said he’d never put this much work into any wrapping, ever!


and of course the kitties had to have a confrontation, because that’s how they roll.


it was a good day, and i think my favorite gift was my ROOMBA.  yeah, it’s one of those floor-cleaning robots, and you know i’m a pretty terrible housekeeper, which is why I’M IN LOVE WITH THE ROOMBA.

it takes her quite a while, but she dilligently goes over and over the very dusty and dirty floors, and our bedroom floor, the only room in the house with the old and original hardwood, is now gleaming.  the giant dust bunny giants under the bed have been vanquished, and i’d be happy to be a ROOMBA SPOKESPERSON.

right now kevin is installing the new kitchen faucet he got me.  hmm, it’s not the most sentimental gift, but about a week ago i noticed that our old faucet was leaking – he had noticed way earlier, of course, and so he bought me a faucet.

and right now it’s raining and raining and crazy amount of rain and i have to go out at least once more, probably twice.  but luckily i won’t melt.

i hope you thoroughly enjoy your final days of 2015!

ok then,

mrs. trying to relax for a minute hughes.