Yes, I realize the month is half over.

Never mind, I wasn’t able to complete that thought above and suddenly it’s the end of January. I feel like I haven’t had the time to sit down for most of the month, but surely I’m mistaken.

But crazy, things are crazy around here and I’m not at liberty to talk about the most alarming stuff just yet.

So here’s a lovely photo of my Advent Cabin, one of the newer Christmas things I have although I’ve probably had it for ten years? I can’t say for sure, but this year it dawned on me to put the lights around the roof like it was a real house. I can’t tell you happy that made me.

Of course it’s dumb that it took me so long to figure out to do that, but I’m trying to not beat myself up about stuff so much.

Anyway, each day of December I open one of the little doors and take out some cute critter and arrange them all around the house. I’m sure I’ve posted pictures of this before, but now that I’ve finally figured out the lights, TA DA!

This was waaay back on December 4th when I was coming back from a run (slow jog) and there were many many deer out in the field.

This winter they’ve planted what we believe is winter wheat in the fields, which they’ve never done before, but I just went running yesterday (REALLY slow jog) and it’s not growing very fast.

On December 7th I was jogging slowly past another field on the other side of the university. It was a warm day and there was this little bit of steam rising from the middle of the field which seemed odd to me. I know it had something to do with how unseasonably warm it was outside, but it was funny that the fog was only in the middle there.

Ha ha, I’d forgotten about this – there was definitely a mouse in the wall and Pumpkin spent a whole lot of time sitting in front of it. Nobody ever caught it as far as I know so it’s still at large. That thing he’s looking at is a grey yarn ball. I bought a big roll of yarn and made many yarn balls for him.

As for Pumpkin, he’s not at large, but instead quarantined on the screened porch until further notice. A few weeks ago after I found more pee/spray in different areas and I felt I just couldn’t take it anymore, plus of course the fact that Riley is completely afraid of him, as is everybody else except Lester.

I called the vet, we took Pumpkin in, and now he’s on Prozac. The vet told us it could take a month or two for it to work and that unfortunately it might make him worse instead of better, but I’m going to be optimistic and hopeful that when he’s released into the house he’ll be mellow and won’t pee/spray and won’t want to hunt the other cats.

Meanwhile I caught Sweetie in the act of peeing and spraying and we didn’t know female cats did that.

Trying to get that under control now, with marginally OK results.

Aside from the constant Cat Issues plus the bad thing that I can’t divulge yet, in good news, my friend Randy and I went to NYC for a few days. I had planned on going with Mom but we decided that New York isn’t a great place for someone who has to clomp around in a big boot. Randy hadn’t been there in over thirty years so he jumped at the chance to go.

We were only gone for three nights but we managed to pack quite a bit of fun into our short trip. Photos to follow, but here’s the first one – we flew on Southwest Airlines on Tuesday the 17th and there were only 40 people on the plane. This had never happened to me in my life and I haven’t talked to anybody who has been that lucky.

Everybody on the whole plan got three seats to themselves.

I highly recommend traveling like that.

Ok ok ok,

G. Hughes, still hopeful about 2023 even though it has gotten to a somewhat rocky start.