and a great big WHEW, as my show is now over.  it’s funny, how much effort i put into it, and it was all over so quickly.

i didn’t cough so much, luckily, and it was a full house – i think they even had to bring in more chairs!  i had thought that maybe since i was going on so early that i wouldn’t have much of a crowd, and i didn’t really care, but it was a pleasant surprise to have such a big crowd.

the only negative thing is that NOBODY TOOK MY PICTURE.  i was wearing some dazzling hose and fabulous shoes, but all i have are stills i grabbed from the video, and she didn’t zoom out at all so it’s a very nice medium shot, but no hose and shoes.  randy, bev, erica all had their fancy phones, SOMEBODY coulda taken a picture beforehand, but that’s ok.

here’s me during the show.

last year amy took a great photo, but since she wasn’t able to make it to the show this year, no picture.

i had kevin take my picture just now and i’m gonna attempt to photoshop the bottom half of me onto the top half.  so that should be a challenge, anyway.

i can’t believe it’s a new year, but THANK GOD IT’S A NEW YEAR.

people kept saying “this new year will be better,” and i hope that’s true, but i don’t count on anything.  one day at a time, that’s all i gotta say.

whew, i’m tired.

oh, and my video of the show is now on youtube, if you wanna watch it.

i guess i could include it right here.