i hope you have exciting mother’s day plans.  i’m giving my mom a massage for mother’s day.

here are photos from dad’s birthday celebration.

this is my favorite photo of the night.   wouldn’t you say dad wasn’t so crazy about noodle?  or maybe about getting his picture taken.  maybe both.

then, of course, i made him smile.  dad really does like noodle, and i think he likes getting his picture taken, but i’m not so sure about that.  at least he’s usually cooperative about it.

yes, numie is one of the most lovable dogs ever.

goslings!  now that’d be a lot of work, being a mom to all those little goslings.

they love to eat the food around the bird feeder, and if kevin comes outside, they hurry up to the feeder, assuming he’s there to feed them.

friday morning, the lake was dazzling.  it was cold and really windy, but beautiful.

ok, so you might have noticed that the changing pictures usually over there on the right of the the screen is missing now.  yesterday morning christine and i started working to update this wordpress, because it hadn’t been done in about a year.  it worked ok and i felt like i could do it the next time by myself.  we had to update it a lot because they keep making new versions all the time, it seems, but christine says some of those updates were them fixing problems.

we got that done, but then…no photos.  no videos.  christine then took over and worked at getting the videos up.  she did that and started working on the photos, but it was frustrating, so we went to lunch.

we came back in the afternoon, and i was gonna give her a massage since i haven’t given her one in about eight years, maybe, but she kept working and working…the deal is that these plugins that create things like rolling photos are all created by users.  they’re all free, but they don’t necessarily work with the stuff that i have on my host server, so she’d install one and it wouldn’t work and then she’d have to un-install it and this went on and on and on.

here she is, still smiling even though she was working like a SLAVE.  not a nice way to spend a relaxing weekend in springfield.  at least now i know that she has been here MANY MANY TIMES, and she has been able to do fun things here in the past.

mollie, of course, was right there with her.

amy was hosting a large dinner party last night and i went over to see if she needed help, and she did need help, so as christine worked on the website, i worked at amy’s.

christine finally got to stop working, as did i, and we had a nice evening.

she has to leave soon, which is too bad, but she has to get back to work.  she builds websites for a giant international company, and they even called her here on friday to ask her how to upload something or do something like that.  so that makes it even worse that she had to spend all that time trying to fix my site…

and meanwhile, there will be no rotating files for a while, but i’m sure they’ll be back someday.

here’s another gosling video, because who can get enough of them?

and here’s mollie, in action with her orange ball. she gets the ball in the morning when i get up and if i don’t give it to her right away she is quite despondent. she then theoretically gets it at about nine at night, but lately she wants it earlier than that and she’ll jump up on the couch and bounce around on us til she gets it. she’s a big dog to be bouncing on it, so of course she gets it whenever she wants. not that she’s spoiled or anything.

ok then,
sunday grace