well, first of all, kevin was on the news YET AGAIN, but i didn’t put it up yet because, as previously mentioned, i’m VERY VERY BAD.

so here it is – not quite as exciting, in my opinion, as the fencing video because kevin wasn’t the sole focus of the piece.  but it’s still good nonetheless.

i read something in the paper yesterday about how most people do all the tweeting and posting on facebook and how mostly it’s really boring stuff…AS BORING AS CAT PHOTOS.

you can imagine my consternation at this statement since i’m ALL ABOUT THE CAT PHOTOS.

here, for example, the other day when i took les for a walk.

LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS!  i guess if my constant cat photos are boring to you, you won’t read.  i haven’t checked my statistics lately; maybe there’s only one other CRAZY CAT LADY out there looking at my photos.

i don’t care, because it makes me happy.

winnie joined us for our walk.

les was very curious down by the cut-up tree.

the kitties get along much better out in the wild.  here they are down at the little sandy beach.

first, the kitties look away, as kitties always do when i try to take a picture…

…but then i got them to look at least marginally interested in posing for me.

now i’ve started taking chester with us when we walk around the back yard.  yesterday we were out for almost an hour.  chester seemed to be having a fabulous time.  les was just lying around a lot, which was good for me because i was actually able to sit in one of the chairs down at the dock.  but chester was prowling all around, and every once in a while he’d tear away, trying to climb a tree or something and getting a good distance up there.

there was a guy out on the water windsurfing, and he was really good.  he came all the way across the lake from todd green’s house, then went back again, then came back pretty close to our dock, then went way out in the middle.  we was out there the whole time we were.  he only seemed to go into the water when he wanted to, and he made it look really easy.  i should have waved him down and gotten him to give kevin some lessons.

i finally decided to go in when chester started panting and looking kind of crazed.  i think it might have been a little overwhelming for him.

kevin told me that he let chester out when he fed the ducks this morning – chester first sat on the deck watching as kevin fed them, then he dove off the deck and chased them.  he sat there happily as they flew away.

i guess that must be why he was completely insane to get out when i got up this morning and went out on the deck.

luckily he is sleeping on his table on the screened porch now, resting from his busy time.

ok then, i hope your labor day is everything you want it to be.

mrs. h.