and this morning, i GOT UP BEFORE KEVIN.  this is a rare occurrence.  i woke up at 5:30 and thought MUST GET COOL WHIP OUT OF FREEZER.  and worse, what if i was actually out of cool whip; what if the cool whip in the freezer was imagined cool whip?  plus WOOD CHIPS.  amy needs some and i kept telling her i was sure kevin has some and she can have them but WHAT IF HE DOESN’T REALLY HAVE ANY?

i am trying to get into the pre-thanksgiving holiday craze, to be more like my sister.  she is convinced that we’re not going to have enough food, but at the same time she acknowledges that we’re going to have much too much.  i am in charge of turkey, pies (four of them including two pumpkin, one chocolate pecan, one low-sugar pumpkin), and homemade rolls.  i decided to make three kinds of rolls, so we could pretty much just have rolls for dinner and that would be more than enough.  amy is making stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, corn casserole, and more mashed potatoes.

yesterday afternoon i mixed up all my rolls (there will be 84 of them, including molasses oatmeal rolls, white dinner rolls from a complicated cooks illustrated recipe, and partially whole wheat dinner rolls), and decided that instead of using the frozen pie crusts i bought, i’d make the pie crusts.  i was just going to make one, but then it wasn’t so bad, so i kept making them.

trying to keep the level of insanity up, that’s all.  but the thing is, if you look at the ingredients on the frozen pie crusts, there are many, many ingredients, including all kinds of chemicals plus either lard or bad-for-you oil.

hopefully my pie crusts will be good.  not that anybody is ever going to have room for any pie at any time in the near future.

dad bought a cherry pie.  just so we’ll be covered, pie-wise.

i have to make some pumpkin scones now.  so nobody faints before dinner, which we won’t be eating till five, so i have plenty of time to actually bake the pies and the many, many rolls.

ok then,

mrs. thanksgiving grace.