and WHEW, the month roars by as usual, and spring is right around the corner!

except right now it’s only 18 outside.  luckily i don’t have to step one foot outside the door today.

so…NYC, a great time, we did so much, saw a couple of shows, had some delicious food, walked a whole lot…and then i got a bad cold.  the reason i’m not setting foot outside today.

but now i have time to write, in between napping.

i did take some photos while there, of course, but first i have to finish off january.

i emptied out my backpack so i could take it to NYC, and of course it was an ideal sleeping spot for les.


here’s our deer – why haven’t we named her yet?  she’s more and more bold, and soon will be coming in for afternoon tea.


which dog is this? i think it’s swetsadie, you can tell from the scars on her face.  poor tiny doggie!






bev RETIRED at the end of the year, so we had a little dinner to celebrate her retirement, plus her birthday that we hadn’t properly celebrated.  we surprised her, because of course she wouldn’t want any kind of celebration for her GLORIOUS RETIREMENT.  plus her birthday.

i’d made some mini cupcakes, but on the day of the party i thought I MUST HAVE CAKE, because you really need a cake with some writing on it.  i found a scrumptious coconut layer cake at the grocery store and luckily had some leftover icing which i tinted and wrote on it.








and outside…the lake, beautiful as always even in te dead of winter.  many of the geese were standing around on one foot.








our deer always makes her way around to the backyard feeder.  since then kevin has put chairs all around the feeder so it’s just for the birds, not the deer and the geese.




the moon was full and so dazzling, and of course my phone can’t do it justice.


at least sadie’s life is prety darn great now.  she and amy’s other dogs love to bark hysterically whenever they see our deer feeding in the driveway, so it’s good that she’s there to keep them entertained.


i sure did miss him while i was gone!


ok, now i must edit together my next video from wales.  and then i’ll nap.  or maybe i’ll nap first…

all right then,

mrs. frigidly cold february hughes.