i hope you’re happy and not having any holiday depression, i hope you’re not already drunk before 8 a.m.!

but if you are, i hope i makes you feel better.

here at the hughes house…things are quiet, except, of course, for a little chester-winnie hostility.  right at this nanosecond, though, they’re peaceful.

every year i feel that i must make lots of cookies.  this year i made my list, and every single day i’ve wanted to make more cookies.  i am now officially running out of time, although i guess people would be happy to get cookies the day after christmas, when it comes right down to it.

plus, kevin seems to have switched to an all-christmas-cookie diet, which isn’t the best thing for a type-1 diabetic, but i did see him also eat an orange the other day.

these are jill’s bernese mountain dog lawn ornaments!  i’m pretty sure she’s the only person in town who has them.  i wish i had a picture of her dogs wearing christmas hats – they’re such docile, sweet and darling giant dogs that i’m sure they’d be very cooperative for holiday picture taking!


jill and i ran though the park, then i posed by her big santa statue.


here we are, looking oh so glamorous!


relatively early one morning i was driving to work and these deer were loitering right in the middle of the bridge.  i stopped because they weren’t in any hurry to get out of the way.  they finally discussed it and decided to let me pass.


chester, as i took les out for a walk.


it wasn’t the most high-powered walk we’ve taken.


but then, les just wanted to get back inside for some reason.  maybe the weather was too nice for him?


i’d brought out my chair to sit in, and winnie enjoyed it thoroughly.


les wanted to go in the window, because that’s what the other two lucky cats get to do.  poor deprived little guy!


another day, another sitting outside.  it’s a little hard to believe that it’s almost christmas because it’s been just so dang warm out!










ok, i will get one more batch of cookies baked today! that is my goal.

merry christmas eve,

mrs. in the spirit pretty much hughes.