Kevin and I went to see the movie “The Fall Guy” this afternoon and it was quite entertaining. We had no idea that it was pouring down rain outside and more rain and flooding is forecast. We’re cancelling the birthday dinner for tonight which is fine with me. I’m excited about watching the next “Doctor Who” episode even though the writing on it this season hasn’t been very good. But this one is set in Wales! So it’ll be good for that if nothing else.

Anyway, here’s crazy Spot on April 28th as we toiled away in Mom’s garage prepping for the garage sale. He love love loved sitting on the love seat we were selling; I’m sure it made him feel like an inside kitty sitting on furniture. Spot heaven! Right now the poor thing is curled up in a tight ball next to the front door because he’s so scared of storms. I saw outside with him for a bit and he was comforted to be on my lap.

On may 13th Kevin saw this first cicada.

A few days later he showed me these little guys – he said they’re baby lady bugs. Who knew? Kevin, because he knows about many many many things.

Last Saturday night, May 18th, we had an early birthday dinner at the yacht club and I loved taking the boat over, and here’s the power plant all lit up and shimmering over the water.

When we got home that night Amy reminded me that dad diesdon that date in 2013. Eleven years ago, time certainly does fly. Poor Dad.

This morning I enjoyed my cup of tea on the back swing as Riley enjoyed stretching out.

My left knee is wonky and I’ve been trying to strengthen my legs and this morning I went for a 20-minute jog. As I started out I saw many cicadas on the vegetation.

And also so many cicada shells.

I took this short video because the cicadas were so loud.

They planted soybeans in the fields this year and they’re just starting to sprout out of the ground.

Here are the balance ropes where I like to end my run.

When I stopped to climb around on the balance ropes I noticed all these cicada holes.

This one is on one of the poles and I think it’s emerging from its shell.

Whew. The rain is starting again and everything is good.

Ok then,

Mrs. 61 year-old Hughes.