Mom turns eighty seven today! She didn’t used to want people to know her age but now now she’s loud and proud!

I guess she’s always been loud.

Yesterday afternoon Mom and I got back from a quick trip down to Florida. We went to make up for her not getting to go to NYC with me in January. I have lots of photos of course, but here’s one right now.

We’re at the spectacular Ringling Mansion in Sarasota. If you look behind Mom on the right, you’ll see a beautiful model posing for a photographer. As we made the long trek to the mansion we saw these two young women walking in the same direction and they were speaking a language I didn’t know. I didn’t know she was a model but she was very very tall and thin and wearing some kind of denim shorts and halter top ensemble. By the time we took this picture she’d changed into this outfit.

Anyway, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! The celebration commences.

Ok then,

Mrs. Ready for Spring Hughes.