if you’re reading this  and you know mom and you have her number, CALL AND SING TO HER TODAYY!  this would make her so happy, delighted  and surprised!

definitely surprised, cause she never reads my site anymore, but i don’t take it personally cause she hasn’t opened up her laptop in over a year and she just might never do so again.

mom always calls anybody and everybody and sings to them on their birthday, so she would love love love that!

sooo…january.  ice on the lake.  these were taken over three days, starting on january 15th.

ah, but this…diamond head, hawaii – erica sent me this photo.  mmm, wouldn’t it be awesome to get on a plane bound for hawaii right this very moment?  but because of all the snow falling, maybe the plane would be delayed, or the flight cancelled.  but oh boy, warm weather, it seems like a dream right now.

at least the lake is always beautiful.

i especially love it when the ice juts out like that, as if the pieces all violently collided.

of course lester enjoyed a walk down to the dock!  it must have been pretty warm this day, otherwise i wouldn’t have ventured out with him.  so clearly the ice had frozen pretty thick.

chester, always looking so sleek and mysterious.  at this moment he’s crouched at the end of the couch by my feet, patiently waiting for me to GET THE HELL OFF MY SPOT ON THE COUCH.

earlier, he was ricocheting off the walls and tearing all over the house.  yep, a little bit of cabin fever.

i love it that lester so frequently poses like he’s posting for a magazine.

these were a few days after those first photos, with a bunch of ducks hanging around our neighbor’s bubbler-created little pool.

the ducks there in the front started marching towards me; i thought maybe they had something to say.  but nope, they were just out for some fresh air and exercise.

erica’s darling kitty heidi, who i was cat-sitting while erica frolicked in hawaii.  heidi is so beautiful, and seemed pretty pleased that i got her this big catnip ball.  she’s not the most friendly cat in the world, but i convinced myself that she loved me and was happy to see me, even though she did a lot of hissing and swatting at me and running away.  but sometimes she let me pet her, cause she was so very lonely for erica!

the snow is now falling, plus we’re supposed to get a “significant amount” of snow on sunday, and right now i’m just gonna sit here instead of going outside at all this morning.  i hope you can do the same!

at least none of us is the crazy old guy i saw yesterday, walking down the lake road wearing a cap, a jacket, and SHORTS.  crazy nut.

ok then,

mrs. MOM’S BIRTHDAY hughes