today is kevin’s birthday, and so far he’s spent it competing in our group competition in the game that amy, mom, kevin and i play, June’s Journey. It was an intense time and our group didn’t do so great but individually at least we did well.

And then Kevin tore off half of the front part of the roof.

yes, he’s been very busy.

he also almost completed replacing the smaller dock.

here he is on july 26th after he’d ripped out the old boards and poured a bunch of cement in to fill it.

He had to move tons of dirt, breaking the handle of his wheelbarrow in the process. luckily he had my trusty black wheelbarrow.

The whole thing involved a lot of leveling of the ground, and here it’s almost done.

He’s not quite finished with that project that was much bigger than he thought it’d be, but can wrap that up after he’s done with the roof. the weather has been perfectly cool and delightful, a good time to be up in a roof, if you’re into that kind of thing.

but so, his birthday…last night after kevin went to bed, or at least was almost there, in the bathroom brushing his teeth, i was talking to text to amy, telling her that i had been meaning to make him a homemade card because he always makes me wonderful cards and they’re always waiting for me on my birthday morning along with flowers and/or chocolates. i talked to text that i didn’t know if i would get it done…

and then i turned to see kevin standing in the hall looking at me. oh boy.

so, forget that surprise. dang.

instead, after i was sure he was actually in bed i hurried to the basement and found quite a bit of birthday decor.

i furiously worked on putting some stuff up, here’s part of it…

…Including his favorites, Pease’s dark chocolate covered cherries and some dark toffee.

His birthday is also going to involve grilling some steaks tonight, which we’re all looking forward to immensely.

ok then,

grace, so busy considering that i don’t get much done plus i have all of july to post…