gary, the great guy who has updated my site, had a birthday yesterday there in the U.K.  i hope it was wonderful!

my friend jill tried to tell me this morning that there’s NO BANNER AT ALL on my site on her computer, but i don’t know how this is possible.  i told her to update and refresh it and whatever, but i don’t know if she found the banner yet.  there should be, and if you have a problem, let me know (not that i’d know how to fix your problem, but i know it’s you and not me!).  the banner is a nice photo of a place somewhere on the coast of Wales, and looking at it just now, i can’t for the life of me remember exactly where that was.

yesterday kevin and i hiked about 10 miles around the lake at Site M.  i was a little bit warm, and very sunny, and it was supposed to get cloudy and we finally saw some clouds, but they didn’t actually arrive til we’d gotten home.  we hope to continue with the long walks, but i sure wish there were some nice places to walk around here that weren’t very far away.  jim keeps saying we should hike in peoria, but that seems kind of far to me…maybe we could go there and stay overnight!  i always hear that there are nice restaurants and things down by the river in Peoria, but i only think i’ve driven through there.

meanwhile, we’ll walk around the fairgrounds and the oak ridge cemetery and lincoln memorial gardens.

meanwhile, i’ll spend more time posting more photos of our trip, not to mention the videos which i haven’t looked at or done anything with.

aunt sandy is coming to visit next weekend and wants to see some pictures – hopefully kevin will go through and select some out of his thousands of photos, so i won’t have to do that with my own heaps of them.

the days just keep zooming by, and i need to work on having more sitting-down time.

ok then,

mrs. sunday evening hughes.