of COURSE it’s a belated happy birthday wish to erica, because lately i feel lucky if i manage to accomplish any kind of anything at all.  yesterday we went to the Feed Store in honor of erica’s Big Day but i didn’t mention to her that kevin was going to join us, and kevin claims that i didn’t mention that erica was going to be at lunch, nor did he know it was her birthday.  and then of course they both got to the restaurant before mom and i did, so there they were, wondering why the other happened to be at the same place.

but after lunch is when the EXCITEMENT BEGAN.  mom and i took erica to the Cold Stone Creamery because there’s no better way to celebrate a birthday that i can think of, and we were sitting outside watching the few people walking around and i noticed a bunch of people over at the Old State Capitol grounds.  They obviously weren’t tourists, many of them had clipboards, one guy had what looked like a small film camera that he kept setting up in various places.  it looked like they were scouting a location to me.

our friend Phil, King of the Abraham Lincoln Museum, walked by and we told him it was Erica’s birthday and he started a rousing version of “happy birthday” with for some reason a kind of bluegrassy twang to it and we all joined in as well as some folks walking by.  it was very nice but i’m sure very embarrassing for erica.

i mentioned the people over at the OS Capitol and he told me…well he told me a bunch of stuff that he DID NOT WANT ME TO TELL ANYBODY.  what, did he think he’d get fired?  it was basically stuff that led to a discussion about BARACK OBAMA COMING TO SPFLD TO ANNOUNCE HIS RUNNING MATE.

i immediately called kevin, who usually has the pulse of exciting-n-dramatic events like this, but he knew nothing.  i then called john o’connor who said “yeah, he’s coming here on saturday. and if you find out who his running mate is going to be, let me know.”

i’m not sure why john would think that somebody would tell me that information, when it’s a VERY BIG SECRET, but i figured we must have been some of the very first people to hear the exciting news.

i took a picture of the people milling at the capitol with my cell phone but i have yet to figure out how to get  it to send a photo to my e-mail address.  i think there’s a malfunction and i need to call the company.

here’s a photo of the capitol.  just pretend that there are people milling about over there in the grass on the right side of the building.

i just read something online from the chicago sun-times that says obama is coming here, but they don’t seem entirely certain that this is were he’s announcing his VP.  the disturbing thing about this is the comments; there are so many nutjobs who hate him so much.  mom told me a story yesterday about a friend in st. louis who was registering people to vote.  she asked a well-dressed older gentleman if he was going to vote for obama and he seemed horrified and said “no, he’s a muslim.”  WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE SO STUPID?  is obama not going to win because of all the stupid people?  i try to think about it.

meanwhile though WE’LL BE THERE on saturday to see him.  i should go pitch a tent there today, so i could have hope of getting anywhere near the place.

one funny thing is i saw a poster of the BLUES-N-BBQ fest that is going to be saturday afternoon, on the north side of the capitol.  hmm, this should do something to boost the attendance to the fest.  i wish i was going to be a vendor there, because i’m sure all the food and beverage people will sell out in about 15 minutes.

on the other hand it seems like people will have trouble even getting close to the fest.  kevin is supposed to have a swordfighting rehearsal on saturday at the Hoogland center, just a few blocks from the capitol, but won’t there be thousands upon thousands of people milling around?  the paper today said that when he announced that he was running for president, there were 17,000 people in attendance.  that was a bitter cold february day when it was just a few degrees above zero.

KEVIN JUST CAME HOME FOR LUNCH ok i guess that didn’t really need the all caps but he said they are expecting SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE at the event.  and people keeps saying they’re “speculating” that he’s going to announce his running mate on saturday but of course that’s what he’s going to do.

SEVENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE.  that’s a very very large number of people who will be trying to fit into a not very big space.

bedlam, it’s going to be bedlam.  i’ll take my real camera instead of just my phone and will take many photos.

so far the campaign hasn’t contacted me to sing my barack song yet, but i’m sure they’ll be calling soon.

ok then,