seven years ago, i woke up feeling very tired and crabby.  yes, i had done way too much of the wedding preparations myself, including making the very giant cake.

jim and kevin put the giant cake into the back of the van and jim and i sat there with it as kevin slooowly drove from westchester to the motor boat club.  when he got onto I-72, all the cars were zooming past him, and he looked in his rearview mirror as flashing red lights approached us.

he was pulled over for driving too slowly, but i felt like he was driving MUCH TOO FAST.

when we got onto the very bumpy hazel dell road, he crept along and i said SLOW DOWN! and he said I’M ONLY DRIVING THREE MILES AN HOUR!

that was the biggest fight of our marriage, and we weren’t even married yet.

the wedding was lovely; it was a spectacularly beautiful day, amy finally finished my updo in the nick of time, and our darling doggie was excited to trot down the aisle.

this morning i woke up not tired and crabby at all, just a little sad.  kevin sad too, but he and les paul went down to the sailboat this morning and les explored every inch of it.  maybe he’ll become a sailing cat?

ok then,

mrs. anniversary monday hughes.