kevin sent me an article about the various tainted things in china; now the chinese are saying that the media is making too big of a deal about the tainted stuff. it includes tainted fish, juice, and toy trains made with lead paint. this morning there was an article in the paper about a spice found in snack foods including veggie booty, which is something i’ve eaten.

the article kevin sent also listed “children’s snack foods:” Only 35 percent of gelatin desserts sampled met food standards, the report said, while two types of candied fruit contained 63 times the permitted amount of artificial sweetener.

not to mention the fake blood protein.

if you want to read the whole article, here it is. china’s little safety problem

here in the us of a, we’re free…free to buy whatever we want. even though there are many problems and things that need to be addressed, i think that we need to immediately make it mandatory that everything made in china is labeled MADE IN CHINA. i guess the tricky part is that some things were made here, but some of the specific ingredients, like the spice in the snack food, was made in china. SOME PARTS OF THIS WERE MADE IN CHINA, the label could say. or maybe just ALMOST EVERYTHING CONTAINS SOMETHING FROM CHINA.

in which case, we really need to start making our own snack food and toy trains.

i made some brownies yesterday. nothing in them from china. also some fig bars, and lemon squares and a chocolate mint cream pie. i was a little zealous about making stuff for today’s big 4TH OF JULY PICNIC we’re having at the lake. Nobody will be deprived of their freedom to eat dessert. half of the desserts were made with splenda, enabling those with sugar issues to eat dessert.

but hmm, WHERE DOES SPLENDA COME FROM? must look into this right away.

ok, i hope you’re enjoying your freedom,