first, GO SEE “MISS PETTIGREW LIVES FOR A DAY.” it is my favorite movie and is the only movie i want to go see from now on. i think i’ll just keep going to it till it leaves town, and then i’ll buy it. it’s sweet and funny, good music, a delightful story, good good good.

second, kevin is selling a fraction of his immense guitar collection. do you need or want a guitar? he has a large selection for sale. he made a website to sell them, and here is a link to it. KEVIN’S GUITAR SALE. he tells me he’ll give me a percentage of the profits if my mention helps him sell them, but i’ll just be happy knowing that there are a few fewer guitars lying around here.

i have only two more performances of “victor victoria” which is good because today is the first day all week i’ve felt rested because of all the play activity.

randy was going to have a cast party on saturday night and i was going to make a bunch of food for the party, but now he’s not having it because the schwartzes reserved fritz’s wagon wheel restaurant for a party instead. randy and i are both relieved by this. not that randy still needs to put away his boxes of xmas decorations or anything.

ok then, have a good weekend; you will definitely have a great one if you GO SEE THAT MOVIE.

grace grace grace.