it’s been quite a week.  the grass is getting pretty green, at least, even though it’s cold and windy outside.  luckily i only have to leave the house a couple of times.

in february, we had a wide array of weather.  amy and jim escaped to austin with noodle and numie, and i went over and visited with ellie the cat quite a bit.  here’s the morning when we had an ice storm:

chester was eager to get out on the porch and look at the ice, but he didn’t care to venture out onto it.

the next morning, it was sunny and the ice started falling off branches and it was simply dazzling.  les thought so, too.

the injured goose was still around.

chester didn’t care to get outside at all.  too much ice.

here’s beautiful ellie, who became happier to see me as i visited her more.  she’d sit on my lap for a while, happy to be petted.

lester is always happy to be petted, no matter what.

the deer were glad to eat the bird food we left out on the driveway.

and then, another huge branch fell in the back yard.  i love that tree, and another big branch had fallen a year or so ago.

here are the stumps of the two fallen branches.  at least there are still many more branches higher up.

kevin has been stacking this wood into piles, and has made great progress.  if it ever gets warm again, he’ll finish the job.

ok, this is one of my favorite photos ever.  amy took it of jim, disc golfing in austin.  i feel it really needs to be on a box of wheeties, don’t you? awesome.

noodle and numie were so very joyful being on vacation!  it’s so great that they could take them…they rented a cute little dog-friendly house with a nice yard.

a few days after the ice storm it got warmer and rained a lot.  i don’t think we’re going to have to worry about a drought this year.

kevin, out on the dock with the frozen lake behind him.

amy said that noodle found a good mud hole to play in.

i also love this photo, noodle in front of cactus.  how many dogs get to go on vacation?  not enough of them!

i got up before 7:00, and it was beautiful to see the sun rise.  i wish i could force myself to get up early every morning, because it’s just so lovely.  but it’s not gonna happen.

whew.  i have many busy activities today, so i’d better get started.

ok then,

mrs. friday hughes.