whew.  i guess that sums up my general attitude about most things in life at the moment.

just whew.

last night there was yet another ad on the tv about some new cell phone.  they’re always so much BETTER and MORE ADVANCED and FABULOUS and SPECTACULAR.

do you remember when a phone was just a phone?  i feel like an old codger.  yesterday i told kevin that when he was gone during the day, i heard his phone ringing and realized that i wouldn’t be able to call him while he was out.

his phone was just siting at home, like phones used to.  they just sat there.  you couldn’t find some exciting new restaurant when you’re on the road, you couldn’t look up the name of that one actor in that one movie, you couldn’t play a game or check your many VERY VERY IMPORTANT e-mails, or anything.

the phone rang.  you answered it.

i mean, i love being able to look up the distance between port douglas and ayer’s rock in australia anytime i want, and i really, really love always having my phone so i can take an obsessively crazy amount of photos of my cats.

but there are always so many DRAMATIC STORIES about the new phones and the bold and new things that the different phone companies are doing, and the exact millimeter thickness of another shockingly thin new phone.

i guess i just don’t think phones should be quite such a big deal.

yesterday i potted a few more flowers and now my fingernails look like they have a reverse french tip, with the attractive black dirt under them.  this year, as always, i said i’m NOT BUYING ANY  MORE FLOWERS, but when i see them at the store i can’t help myself.  i will say that the little bit of yard that we have right in front of the house is looking more and more festive, now that the daffodils are finally in bloom, and even a few tulips, and the hyacinths.  i bought a couple more swan planters cause they were on sale and i’d really like to have a whole school of them.

i desperately want to power wash the deck and drag out all the plants from the hot tub room, but it’s not going to be so warm next week, only in the 50s, so it’s not like i’ll be sitting out there.  plus i like to wait til after all the damn spinners from the huge maple trees have fallen.  i just looked up the spinners, and you can spray the trees to prevent the spinners from forming.  this sounds novel, except, of course, that the trees are so tall that the only way to spray them would be to get a cherry picker.  which we don’t have.  plus about a million gallons of the spray.

but it’s been such a very late spring that not only have the spinners not started to fall, but they’re still green and soft and aren’t gonna be ready to fall anytime soon.  so i can wait a little longer to clean off the deck and arrange all my flowers.

i guess one reason why i’m so anxious to get stuff done this year is because last year was so very wretched, that nothing got done for a very long time.  i think i threw myself into cleaning and all that spring stuff after dad finally died, before we had his celebration of life in june.

it was a really bad year.

sometimes i don’t think about all the badness, but i think about it all a lot.

luckily, les always makes me smile.

and chester can’t ever resist a box.

when we’re sitting on the couch watching TV at night, les gets to lie on kevin and purr and purr and purr.

one morning there were so many white pelicans, right down in the cove.

here, it’s like they’re all lining up, getting ready to go.

jim’s sister meg has these two completely darling chihuahua puppies.  she was hoping that kevin and i would want to adopt them, and one morning after working out, i stopped by to see them.  they’re unbelievably tiny and cute.

but we’re not ready for a new dog.  plus, these little guys are so adorable, but it wouldn’t exactly be like having a dog like we think of having a dog.  plus i’d definitely be afraid of stepping on them.

meanwhile…we do take les for a walk in the backyard almost every day.  he’s very fond of chomping on the tufts of fluff on top of dried grass.  it must be a rare kitty delicacy.

and that’s all for the photos from march.  i make no promises about my april photos, but i continue to be dismayed that i’m never gonna catch up.

but you never know.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday morning hughes.