yes, it’s almost the very middle of april and we’re SUPPOSED TO GET SNOW LATER TODAY.

a very, very unfortunate state of affairs.

as i’ve already written here, we bought 22 bags of mulch last thursday, plus a new front door.  on friday we went back to menard’s to get more mulch, and to exchange the door.  we had looked at the doors, and there was one that was a “left” door and one that was a “right” door, which means where the hinges are, i guess, and kevin determined that we needed a “right” door, but when we got home it wasn’t right at all.  it was very very heavy, and i had to help him carry it around and i whined so much that he finally just carried it himself.

when we got back to menard’s i looked up and saw a little picture of the two types of door, and if we’d bothered to notice the picture, we’d have picked the right one.  i’m not sure how we both managed to entirely miss the picture, but there you are, two great minds that sometimes don’t even work at all.

i put down more mulch, but i still have about 16 bags left, but i shoulda bought more cause it was on sale.  i’m pretty sure i’ll run out, but on the other hand maybe i won’t run out for a while if it’s going to be cold for a while.

on saturday i planted some pansies in pots, and tonight we’ll have to cover them so they won’t freeze.

meanwhile, i’ve been powering through the photos i took in march, and thank goodness i didn’t take nearly as many as i took in february, plus i managed to edit the lester photos down quite a bit, even though i take such a ridiculous amount of pictures of him.

We’ve been taking les for plenty of walks, which he continues to love.

he looks like a tiny little kitty here even though he’s not tiny in any way.

he can get bored since he’s not running free, so i try to play with him a lot.  he loves to eat the sticks.

so now i realize this is just all lester all the time, but believe me, there would be so many more if i didn’t edit them down!

sleeping on the comfy new comforter thing on the hot tub.

darling.  winnie usually wants nothing to do with les, but he was too sleep to protest that les was invading his personal space.

chester even enjoys the new comforter.

alone, of course.

numie and noodle, always on the alert.

randy took two pictures of us at tai pan, and i was talking during the first one plus we were both blurry, but here kevin looks like he’s either stoned or almost asleep, and he was neither.  but i wanted to document the very fancy drink i got.

the thing is, i rarely order a fancy drink that sounds like a delicious concoction of tropical juices and fun alcohol, and i’m always disappointed cause it usually just tastes like some fruity punch.

the one time i wasn’t disappointed was when i was at abe’s hideout with randy, and he wanted to get a brown squirrel.  he used to get them a long time ago at some bar, maybe george ranks?  we didn’t know exactly what was in a brown squirrel so i looked it up on my phone, and it has amaretto and ice cream and maybe some kind of chocolate liquer.  so we showed the phone to the bartender and he made us two of them and they were AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.  they were a little bit expensive – eight bucks apiece but they were HUGE, and like i said, AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.

i want one right now.  well, i would want one if it wasn’t so damn cold around here.

so, i don’t think i’ve mentioned this, but kevin has been making a sail for his sailboat.  he bought the sailboat last year and it was an amazing deal, but the sail wasn’t the right one for the boat, so he ordered the parts to make a new sail.  it is, of course, a very large piece of stuff – not fabric, but some kind of rubbery plasticy kind of thing.  it is a very complicated endeavor, and he finally borrowed amy’s sewing machine because he had to sew through many, many layers of this thick stuff, plus yesterday he was hand-stitching through the fabric stuff PLUS through a rope and i don’t even know how he does it.

but here are les and chester early on in the process – they’ve been with kevin every step of the way, helping him a whole lot all the time.

a rare photo of the two of them both in the kitty condo.  right after this i got a great shot of them looking right at me, but it was entirely too blurry.

it’s funny, cause as i type this, les is lying in exactly the same spot.  except it’s cold and gray outside right now.  he and chester are both fast asleep, taking a break from helping kevin.

kevin had the old sail upstairs sometimes so he could reference it, and chester of course had to get right down in it.

ok then.  monday.

mrs. h.