Sweet and very tiny little Marley left us yesterday morning at 5:25. She’d been losing weight for a couple of weeks; she was only four pounds to begin with, and she got so thin that I could feel the bones in her face when petting her.

We got her on December 20th, 2021, four days after her owner, Mom’s friend Wanda, died. They were going to put Marley down and I said “We’ll take her.” I’m pretty sure Marley was 17 then, so she lived 19 years.

She spent her time upstairs in our big guestroom with an ensuite bath until she got brave enough to venture downstairs. Kevin and Lester spent lots of time up there with her. It didn’t take her long to start coming down to the main floor, and she brought her stuffed toys down with her and deposited them throughout the house.

She trotted down and up the stairs several times each day, drinking out of the water bowl in the dining room because it was clearly better than her upstairs water. She always swung through and polished off leftover cat food from everybody’s bowls. We left the light over the stairs on because she liked to venture down throughout the night.

She would lie on our laps, but mostly on Kevin’s. Such a sweet kitty.

In the last week she stayed down in the living room with us, I guess because she couldn’t make it up and down the stairs. We were happy that she chose to spend her last days right in the middle of things.

Tuesday night, Kevin didn’t sleep well and got up at three in the morning and stayed up with Marley. She curled up in the lower enclosure of the kitty condo, and Kevin brought her out and she laid on his lap for a while. She wanted to get back to the kitty condo, where Kevin kept checking on her, and finally she was gone.

Even though we only got a year and eight months of her, we loved her and were glad we were with her to the end. We’re also relieved that she died peacefully in her sleep, something that we all hope for.

RIP, sweet little girl.