good thing – i finally cut my bangs.

bad thing – i finally cut my bangs.

see, amy cuts hair for a living and she always says “i can cut your bangs any time because it only takes two minutes.”

i’ve cut my own bangs plenty of time, but they’ve gotten really long recently and when i got out of the shower i decided it was TIME TO CUT THE BANGS.  then i thought, if amy says it’s so easy and only takes two minutes, i can certainly do it myself.

and like i said, i HAVE cut my own bangs plenty of times.  a couple of times they became ridiculously short, but mostly they’ve been ok.  a couple of times, perfect.  or maybe just the one perfect time.

i decided to blow them dry first, because that’s what amy does, plus when i cut them wet then they definitely are at risk of being very short.

so i started carefully cutting…and they’re crooked.  REALLY crooked.  i tried to fix them, but then i had to go, and during the day i kept looking in mirrors at how bad they look.

they’re kind of short on either side and then a little bit long in the middle, but only part of the middle.

plus they’re kind of too short all along the bottom.

i haven’t had any free time today to try to adjust them, plus of course i feel that i’ll probably just make them even worse, if that’s actually possible.

luckily i’m not going to be starting a career as a hair cutter.

other bad things – maybe i DO have chronic fatigue syndrome, because i feel so tired yet havent’ done that much, activity-wise, today.  mom had thought i had chronic fatigue syndrome because when i was getting ready for her surprise anniversary party, my excuse was always that i was taking a nap.

a nap would be nice about now.

a good thing – i got my shipment of six boxes of lapsang souchong tea from today.  i had a cup, and maybe the caffeine will kick in soon.  i love the lapsang souchong and was bitterly disappointed when i found that they didn’t have it at meijer anymore – the only time i saw it there, i had so many boxes that i thought i’d never run out.

but now i’m set for a good long time.

another good thing is that it’s BEV’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!  plus it’s WAYNE’S BIRTHDAY TODAY!  we took wayne out for lunch and we’ll take bev out for dinner.  what could be better than going out for two meals in one day?  very fancy.

another good thing – kevin replaced all the bumpers on the pool table, and it’s very fun to play.  we played two games yesterday and i’m looking forward to more of that.

one BAD thing is AT&T cell phones.  i HATE my att&t service and would love to cancel it but our contract doesn’t end till april 2011. that’s kind of a long time.  i would count down the days, but that’s way too many days to count.

i have to go now.  i hope your day was good.

ok then,

thursday grace.