gee, lots has happened since last Friday…my cold reached an apex on Saturday, but now it’s mostly gone.  kevin took Winnie to the vet for an ultrasound yesterday, and he has something suspicious going on in his spleen.  we await results from a biopsy.  the good thing is that Winnie is acting ok, eating and everything.

my computer…aye aye aye.  the windows 10 pro drive I bought from a third-party seller on amazon turned out to be one that had been already used and then they sold it to me.  it was all a big drag, involving many trips to best buy.  i’m pretty sure the “geek squad” at best buy also lied to me quite a bit, but i’m not entirely sure.  it’s a long and boring and bad story, but the upshot is that i’m sitting here typing on my computer, and it appears to work just fine now.  whew.  mostly thank to kevin’s friend wayne, who remotely kept working on it.

it continues to not be spring here.  cold and cold and rainy.  it was a bit warmer today but it’s going to only reach 40 on easter.  the bunny will be chilly.

and it’s already almost 8:30 on an exciting Friday evening, I need to turn off this refurbished computer (the one good thing that the dumb geek squad did was to really clean off the top of my keyboard), and focus on not focusing on anything for the rest of the evening.

ok then,