this morning we took him to the vet and he rode on my lap – he was much less stressed there rather than in a crate.  I told kevin to be extra sure that we didn’t have an accident since Winnie wasn’t buckled in.

they had to take blood from his jugular vein which seems would be pretty awful, but the great news is that his blood sugar level is great after not having any insulin since yesterday morning.  everybody is pretty confident this is why he had the seizures.


kevin told me that last night he woke up because Winnie was restless, but the kitty was just cleaning himself, but kevin stayed up for quite a while, just watching him.

tonight everybody should sleep better.

meanwhile…the first Saturday of may I finished mulching in front of the house. ta da!











I bought this thermometer because it was shiny and pretty; it doesn’t have an accurate reading when the sun is on it, but I don’t care.











later that day we took our first boat ride.  it was mom, amy, jim and me…kevin was out of town.  the only thing better than a boat ride is when somebody else is driving.  amy was doing the steering here and I was so happy.











on the other side of the lake on one of the islands we saw some white pelicans, and I think they’re nesting.  since then I’ve been back a couple of times and they’re still all there.  we’ll have to keep checking, and maybe we’d get so see baby pelicans, which would certainly be the cutest thing ever.











we were trying to slowly cruise past so as not to bother them but some of them took off.











a nearby heron was nonplussed.











it was kind of warm that late afternoon and we saw a few herons standing around like this – maybe it helped them cool off? none of us had ever seen them do that.











and that’s all for now, still so much to do outside…

ok then,

mrs. h.