here’s a little bit from one of the over NINE THOUSAND stories on the web about the governor right now:

“Dick Durbin, the senior senator from Illinois who has been one of Obama’s closest allies in Washington, sent a letter to Blagojevich calling on him to “search your heart and summon the strength to put your state and your nation above any personal considerations”.”

good luck with getting him to resign.  everybody knows he should resign, but the man is clearly a deluded lunatic.  and clearly, too, he’s just all about number one.  BLEEP the state and BLEEP the nation – blago just wants to make a whole lot of money.

because he’s so poor right now.  being the governor.

so you must know all about this story no matter if you’re reading from china or new zealand, it’s travelling all around the world.

blago went to work today (his birthday).  i wonder who called him?  surely SOMEBODY called him.  at least his wife.  and who did he call?  who would want to take a call from him?

i do feel sorry for his children.  it’s not their fault that their parents are very bad people.

this is certainly one birthday the governor will never forget.

ok then,

wednesday grace.