that’s mostly what i’ve felt like doing lately.  no, it’s not because i watched a few minutes of the bloody, f-word every two seconds for “shock” value, derogatory scenes of women being tied up and burned etc and a guy chewing a big hole in his arm so the hungry werewolf men could all have a little taste, jesus-like,  HBO series “true blood” that randy and keith were dying to see so they came over and watched it on sunday night.   the next time they watch it, i’d prefer to be gone somewhere, or at least outside enjoying the summertime weather.

no, my desire to gnaw off my arm is because last friday i was pulling and pulling and pulling some of the multitudinous profusion of weeds that we have all over our property.  i was pulling huge weeds under the peach tree next to the docki, and i unearthed a couple of spirea bushes and a nice day lilly and i think some other lillies, a couple of rose bushes, and another bush.

but then, a couple days later…uh oh, two little patches of poison ivy on my arm.  it wasn’t horrible horrible, but then it kept itching more and making me crazy and it woke me up two night in a row and another patch appeared.  this is in addition to the millions of mosquito bites that are covering my arms, legs, and back.

we’re living in an itch house.

yesterday i bought something called TECNU EXTREME or maybe it’s just TECNU XTREME.  it has the consistency of a body scrub, and you mix it with water and (gently) scrub for 15 seconds and wash it off and then it feels better.

the awesome thing is that it does feel better.  but then after a few hours it starts in again.  but as long as i have my bottle of TECNU XTREME, i’m ok.

i never got any poison ivy when i was a kid.  once my brother got it so bad all over his face that he looked like frankenstein, or really, probably, a lot worse.  he was very susceptible.  but me, i didn’t get it.  until one summer when i was in my late teens, amy and i were out at muni in a field doing something and we suddenly realized we were in poison ivy but we didn’t worry.  and then, of course, our legs were covered with it.  very bad.

mom says that one time she had it so bad she remembers itching it so hard, and crying because it hurt so much.

she also said that when my grandmother got it, she’d pour clorox on it and then scrub it with a brush.  now that sounds a little drastic, don’t you think?  mom says grandmother claimed it worked, but probably because she tore her arm up so badly that just NOT scrubbing it when covered with clorox would feel pretty good.

i have many photos to post but last night the itching woke me up again and i had to apply the TECNU XTREME three times in a row, but i was still allover itching for a good long while so i’m not in the mood to do much of anything today.

kevin is going to a civil war shoot in wisconsin, and i’m going with him and we’re taking mollie.  i think this is the first time she’ll be out of state.  i was only in wisconsin a little bit when i was a kid and i don’t remember it, so i’m looking forward to it.  we’re borrowing his friend garrick’s pop-up camper and will camp at least a couple nights, and hopefully we’ll go to lake geneva.  if it’s hot and too buggy, though, i do have the names of some dog-friendly hotels.  it should be quite an adventure, plus this is the first time we’ll be going somewhere and i haven’t planned out everything.  we do have camp reservations for the first two nights, but then we’re just going to wing it.  maybe the TECNU XTREME is helping me to act in a NEW AND BOLD WAY.

ok then,

grace on a very hot wednesday morning.