Well, getting stuff done on the computer, anyway. I want to do some weeding out front because there’s a crazy amount of pretty big things growing, plus it’s cool and the ground is soft. I’m also going to attempt to run a little bit.

Yesterday Mom and I tried to take a walk down the road to get across to the field but Spot kept trotting along after us. I kept turning around and yelling “get back! Go home!” but he wouldn’t listen to reason, so we finally gave up and walked around the lane instead.

He followed us there of course but then a neighbor drove up and parked, and at first Spot was leery of the car but then he came over and laid down at my feet.

This morning my strategy is that I’m going bring food and treats out for him before attempting to run.

Anyway, final photos of September, finally…

Can you see the bird flying just above the water, to the right of center?

June 30th, when Spot enjoyed sprawling across both our laps.

This is my favorite photo of him. Giant kitty!

And a good kitty, except when he’s not. This morning I put on a winter coat to sit on the porch floor with him and he was perfectly content until he decided to lunge at my sleeve and grab and bite. I yelled “bad kitty!” a few times, but I don’t think he cared.

I mean, he looked a little chagrined but I’m sure he’ll do it again. Maybe it’s because he continues to be vexed that we won’t let him inside? Or maybe he’s just crazy.

Just like the rest of us.

Ok then,

Mrs. Back Half of October Hughes.