the rain continues, the wind whips all around, the lake is turbulent, and i’m happy that we’re leaving any minute now.

we decided it’d be better to drive to st. louis tonight and avoid any potential snow.

i was only going to pack different kinds of sandals – ok, four pairs, i know that might seem a little excessive, but it’s just some flip-flops, some nice flat sandals, some walking sandals, and some dressier sandals.

ok, but i realize we’ll only actually be there for three and a half days.  really only three.

but now, in addition to the complement of sandals, i’m also wearing some comfy slip-on tennis shoe kind of things.  they’re black and can pass for something better than tennis shoes.  not that i’m going to see anybody on the road tonight.

and then, i’m also bringing along a pair of actual workout gym shoes.  because there’s a workout room in the hotel we’re staying in tonight.  in case we get a burst of energy and want to work out in the morning before we leave.

as i typed that, i realize how very slim the chances are of really getting up and exercising.

but then again, you never know.

so that makes a total of six pairs of shoes.

all in my carry-on luggage.

it’s very hard to believe that it’s going to be warm and beautiful in miami tomorrow evening.

i have to say i’m looking forward to it.

ok then,

saturday night grace.