they look so cool out there on the lake that i just want to keep taking pictures.

there they are, way out in the middle.  for some reason they prefer that far shoreline to this one.



it’s so cool and is such a loud sound when they take off, so i tried to capture some of it on video.  my new camera doesn’t take such great video, though, and couldn’t do it justice.






this is my favorite picture because you can see the birds in the air and on the water.


the flock was a little closer finally.




here they are, definitely closer now.  i was very excited a little later because they were closer still, and i was going to take some more pictures…but by the time i was able to do it, they were already flying back to their safe zone.


chris young just wrote about the geese in the state journal-register, and he has a couple of pictures of them.  i’d be a really lousy editor because i want to include so very many photos instead of just a couple – but on the other hand, i do have the luxury of including just as many as i want.

he wrote that the snow geese used to be almost extinct, but their population has grown tremendously.  in theory, this is good but now they’re in danger because there are so many of them that they’re over-feeding.

mollie is always in danger of over-feeding.  the other night we came home to find that one of the bird suet packages we bought was on the floor.  mangled, but not torn into.  one packet was missing, though, and mollie skulked all around looking extremely guilty and forlorn.  we kept sternly asking her, “where’s the suet, mollie?” but she just kept up with the skulking.

kevin finally figured she must have buried it outside, and we’d have to look for it in when it got light out.  but then i noticed she looked up at the couch and i lifted up a couple of pillows and pulled out a blanket that had been stuffed in the corner – and there was the suet packet.  it had been opened and just a little had been devoured.  we figured she was hiding that one for later while she worked at ripping open the other one that we found on the floor.

kevin proceeded to say “bad mollie,” trying to get her to look in his eyes, but she absolutely wouldn’t, as she sat there looking utterly abashed and horrible.

this lasted at least five minutes, until she was ready for her nightly treat.

i see no geese out on the lake right now, but hopefully they’ll show up later because i have plenty of time today to take plenty of pictures.

ok then,

sunday grace.