Or is it more accurate to say Garage Sale Frenzy?

I wrote this on May 4th but then didn’t post it and now the mania has subsided.

From May 4th: Randy has been talking about having a garage sale for a year, we were going to have one last year but it didn’t happen and a month or so ago I finally decided we’d do it. It’s going to be at Mom’s house and Randy, Mom and I have been toiling away in there for some weeks now. Mom has so very much stuff.

But really, don’t we all have so much stuff? Anyway, the date is approaching and I feel like we sort of have a handle on it all now. Yesterday I got out my summer clothes and in doing so I started pulling out things that I’m sick of. Once I started it was so liberating. I have a giant mound of clothes to go to Mom’s garage now.

It was too hot to work in there yesterday but I’m hopeful that today we’ll get things in good shape.


Whew. So very very glad all that is over. Waaaay too much work but at least we all got rid of some stuff. Some of it we ended up giving away and in a little while we’re aking the rest of the lot to charity places. Never, ever again is all I have to say about a garage sale.

Meanwhile…Here’s me in my happy place on April 14th. I guess I didn’t post it before because I look so dang bald. But who cares? I think I’m starting to get old enough to just not care so much. I’m about to be sixty one. SIXTY ONE. Dang.

On April 23rd I had to take a picture of the moon and a couple of deer were in the back yard. A goose was also wandering around but I didn’t manage to capture him in the photo.

Always when we’ve been down at the dock and we walk back up, Riley is waiting at the back gate. Poor Riley, is what we always say, even though he’s living the life of Riley for sure.

Approaching the end of May already, isn’t that something?

Ok then,

Mrs. H.