(i walked past my laptop tonight and the green power light was lit up and i sat in the comfy chair and was happy i was going to be able to use my computer…but of course when i sat down the power light went off and so now i’m stuck here in the poorly-lit office at the big computer that is too heavy to drag around to someplace more comfortable and better lit).

144 frosting flowers made, approximately. plus lots of leaves on sticks, and little pink flowers with gold dragees in the middle.

the gold dragees were hard to track down. at one point during the week i thought “i’ll go to mae’s cake topper!” it used to be on south grand, a great little store packed with lots of cake-decorating supplies. i went there many many many years ago when i first started cake decorating.

but then it moved, to a large and kind of odd place, and i went in there once and they didn’t seem to have much of anything.

but then, friday night we went to Panera, the east side one, in the capital city shopping center, and as i was leaving i went a different way because i had to stop by mom and dad’s house. and there was mae’s cake topper! i was surprised and delighted, because i’d kind of forgotten about my quest for gold dragees, because they’re not going to make or break the cake, but i thought they’d be a pretty touch. but so i decided it was meant to be, but of course they had closed for the day already. but right there in the window was a jar of silver dragees, so i figured they probably also had some gold ones.

dragees are those little edible decorating balls, they’re the size of bb’s i think although come to think of it i don’t recall ever actually seeing a bb.

so on saturday kevin and i went to mae’s cake topper and not only did we get the gold dragees, but he thought we should have a wedding cake topper. we got a nice couple, although there won’t be room for it on the very top of the cake because it’s going to be covered with flowers, so i thought i’d set them on one of the lower tiers.

after our foray to mae’s, we went right next door to Gallina’s pizza because it was right next door, and randy joined us.

so by that time it was too late to start my frosting frenzy, which is why i didn’t get to it till today.

the cabin concert last night was wonderful, by the way, and i strongly suggest you go to one this fall. Here’s their website:

the cabin concerts

i’m getting married on saturday. that’s in exactly six days.

coming right up, i’d have to say. it’s finally sort of actually sinking in tonight. hopefully it won’t keep me up tonight, because i’m extra tired.

and tomorrow is september 11th. which will hopefully be relatively peaceful for the world.

sleep, soon.

ok then,

sunday grace.

p.s. i took some pictures of the frosting flowers but i’m not sure how to upload them onto this computer although now that i’m actually looking down there seem to be quite a few USB ports right on the side of the computer and i’m sure i could figure it out if i were so inclined. perhaps in the morning, when i’ll be refreshed and rejeuvenated and all of that.