i started this post on wednesday, blinked, and now it’s friday already!!!

no exciting BILLY BOY THORNTON or even boat ride photos today; this morning, it’s all about the cats, all about the cats, all about the cats…

chester, hidden kitty in the photo as les sits in my chair for taking him for a walk!

winnie, skulking off to a wood pile, wanting to be around but hating one of those other cats SO MUCH. grrrr, says poor winston.

chester, king of the hill!

gee, i took these pictures on the 15th, and by now all the daffodils are done blooming.  they sure looked pretty for a blink of an eye.

i had to get up just now to see if the lawn is still covered with the pretty little flowers.  it is a little bit, but not so much.  but the leaves are really starting to come out full force, which is awesome.  spring spring spring!  even though it’s a little bit chilly, that’s ok, all is good.

i know i didn’t need to post both these pictures of darling lester, but you know i can’t help myself.  plus, of course, i didn’t post the many, many more photos i took of him.  because it’s been so chilly lately, he hasn’t had a walk in a few days, maybe a week.  but he’s pretty ok with that, because he’s the best cat ever.

sweet numie, so tired.

did i tell you that the deer dug down in the snow during the winter and ate all the tulip bulbs on the other side of the walkway?  but these pretty purple ones bloomed.  plus i had to buy some miniature daffodils because they were just so pretty.

boat launch!  last friday, when it was so much warmer.  it was a perfect day for launching the boat.

erica and kim came over for a boat ride last friday night, and erica brought this delicious “summer pizza.”  no red sauce, and it was made with a pie crust, which made it delectable. mmmm, i’d eat  a piece right this very minute if it was here in front of me.

and that’s all for this friday morning.  i have many busy things today, but not nearly as crazy as all the other days of the week.

ok then,

mrs. friday morning hughes.