kevin just informed me that we missed jesse james’ birthday, which was on the 5th.

he meant, of course, the outlaw jesse james.  not sandra bullock’s ex-husband.

last night we celebrated our anniversary by drinking a glass of DOM PERIGNON, which kevin bought for me (along with a dozen roses), and then we went out to dinner.  at a restaurant.  wearing nice clothes.  plus kevin was NOT in his civil war uniform.

as we dined, we tried to remember the last time we’d done this, and couldn’t think of any occasions after going to a russian restaurant last year at the end of our trip to scotland.

surely we’d been out to dinner since then?

well, we did have a nice dinner at augie’s during the summer…but kevin was re-enacting at the old state capitol, so he was wearing his civil war uniform.

so really, we don’t get out much, at least not fancy-eating-out wise.

the dinner was quite delicious, but this morning i feel that i’m ok with only going out to a fancy place every once in a long while.  i don’t want to eat such rich stuff all the time.  mmm, though, we started with walnut quesadillas – they were filled with goat cheese and mozzarella, with granny smith apples and chopped walnuts, with more walnuts on top, plus some kind of jalapeno honey cream sauce.  rich richness.  we also had a buttery-delicious stuffed salmon.  mmmm.

and today…today we work.  and work.  so it’s good we fortified ourselves last night.  tomorrow is the BIG GARAGE SALE, so we’re heading over to bev’s house to start getting ready.  bev said she was dreading all the work today, but it won’t be so bad, i don’t think – at least the weather will be perfect, and we’ll be outside.

right now, though, it’s not even fifty degrees, and i want to take mollie running.  brrr.  am i actually going to wear my running tights?  that seems insane, because it’s going to be eighty today.  but if i don’t wear them i’ll be very cold.

it’s going to be very cold in the mornings when we’re camping.  i think kevin is trying to prepare me for it, because when i got up he had the windows open and it was really cold. i told him i was going to put on my parka.

there’s fog on top of the lake.  very pretty.

i have to get right to work on the second windsurfing video…but i have to take mollie running, because she’s going to have to stay home and sleep all day when we go to bev’s.  i don’t have time to do both.  i should have gotten up at six, since that’s when i’ll have to get up tomorrow.

i’m not looking forward to that.  i can’t remember the last time i got up at six.  i realize that many people get up that early all the time, but i won’t ever be one of them.

just this once…just this once eating a really fancy meal, just this once getting up at six.  at least in 24 hours from now, getting up at six will be over.

if you want to come by our sale and buy some of our FABULOUS STUFF, we’ll be at bev’s house in sherwood.  i’m sure bev would FREAK OUT if i mentioned her address here, but if you really want to find us, there will be signs all over the place.  come by.  bring caffeine.

ok then,

friday morning grace.