my mother-in-law just called me to express her condolences about our loss of Shadow.  that was  really nice of her.

i just feel like my heart is heavy.  today in weightlifting class i was thinking that i was the only person to miss the sweet little guy, and that made me even sadder.  but then kevin and i talked about it, and he’s sad, too.

we’re quietly sad people.

and meanwhile…HUGE HALLOWEEN PARTY TOMORROW NIGHT.  luckily i’d done most of the decorating before mom and dad’s surprise anniversary dinner, so there’s not that much to do.  i’m scaling WAY back on the food.  i’m going to have big vats of rotel-velveeta cheese dip and chips.

this afternoon i made some delicious chocolate chip cookies, but after making them decided it wasn’t nearly enough, so then i made another batch.

i’m tired now.

i’ve been very run down this week.

kevin is putting a new floor down in the basement bathroom.

he always does some huge crazy huge project right before we have a halloween party.  this has become his new halloween tradition.  last year he put a new wall and a door in another bathroom.  one year he spent the whole day of the party cleaning out his office.  that was the first year we had the party; we weren’t married then, and randy came over and helped me decorate, and we did all the decorating the very day of the party, while kevin cleaned out his office.

things are much different now.

we also finally have access to the pool table in the basement; it was covered with lots and lots of stuff until about a month ago when dad cleared it all away.

so the party will be full of fun and excitement.  maybe this will be a cheering thing for us.  at least we’ll be very very busy.

ok then,

friday is slipping away really quickly grace.