although it’s early june, it feels like august.  91 degrees right now, feels like 96.  might as well be time for the fair.

meanwhile, the end of may….this tiny fawn was curled up outside amy’s porch.  since then we’ve spotted it and its mom quite a few times – the tiny thing is smaller than the smallest of amy’s dogs.  we’ve seen then trotting through the yard, I saw them crossing the road the other evening, and when I was taking a short cut to walk to mom’s house, there was the baby sleeping under the camper.

and speaking of cute…riley is the most outside cat we’ve had.  he adores the back yard and we’re fortunate that he has no interest in trying to escape.  he does spend a lot of time peering out the fence at all the activity out there, but he’s very content.  he especially loves this hollow log.

the last successful boat ride on memorial day night, when most of the other boats had left.

amy brought her tiniest dog, Laz, on the boat, and he was a little bit scared at first, but then had a grand time.

kevin chillaxin’ in the fenced yard with riley.  that long stick next to riley is his special stick; whenever he come inside, if he can get my attention he hurries out to the back so we can play chase the stick.

les has a hard life.

I don’t have any photos of Winnie, but he continues to do all right, hanging in there, mostly hanging out on the hot front porch, or the even hotter driveway.  he only hates me twice a day, when I have to give him his anti-seizure medicine, but aside from that he seems content.

ok, this was our last successful boat ride, on may 30th.  there seem to be more ducklings around than ever before.

riley, stretched out happily with his very long legs.

herons don’t usually stand on the dock like this.

and that’s it for may.  whew. and it’s only the beginning of june!

although feels like august.

ok then,